Windswell- Feedback Noise Cancellation Earphones

Windswell by Wavefounder is an in-ear eardphone incorporating feedback noise cancellation. The advanced feedback control system provides uncompromised audio performance and noise cancellation including reduction of the occlusion effect.

The Windswell in-ear earphone does more than reduce noise; it also provides greatly enhanced audio performance giving a far sweeter sound than possible from traditional passive earphones.

The Windswell includes interchangeable ear fitting grommets, in multiple sizes to ensure the most comfortable fit for all ear sizes.
An exciting feature of Windswell is the active control systems ability to eliminate the occlusion effect – a person’s own voice no longer booms in their ears when talking with the earphone in place. Normal communication can be done comfortably without removing the earphone.
This earphone can be offered standalone with medallion battery box, power on / bypass, volume controls and monitor function.

Groundswell- Hybrid Noise Cancellation

Groundswell by Wavefounder is a luxury headphone incorporating hybrid noise cancellation. This combines feedforward and feedback noise control technologies providing uncompromised audio performance and noise cancellation.

The Groundswell Headphone precisely controls the sound field around the ear, both rejecting unwanted noises and perfecting the delivery of music to the ear.

In the Groundswell engine room is twin mono-block control system and amplifier circuits.
The Groundswell includes Assisted Listen, a function which temporarily shuts down the noise reduction function and switches to amplify the external noises, this enables the wearer to listen to outside noises clearly without removing the headphone. The Groundswell can also be used solely for noise reduction.

Earcup mounted volume controls are incorporated into Groundswell which allows the wearer to quickly adjust the music volume without having to reach for the music player.

Production Intelligence

Wavefounder is thrilled to announce the availability of our exclusive Production Intelligence System. Our system provides an end-to-end, automated quality testing system, including unsurpassed insight into the product manufacturing and quality control process of your audio products. It performs automated calibration of noise cancellation components along with complete audio analysis.

Automated product testing and real-time intelligent analysis of quality and test data directly from the production line.